Support the Children in Our Care Through Giving


By supporting Southern Christian Children’s Home, you help children learn about God and His precious Son, Jesus. You help clothe these children and keep them safe and warm by helping us with monthly utilities. You help keep their stomachs filled, which in turn helps prepare their minds to learn. Your donations help teach responsibility to each child through working with a farm animal. You also help send a child to a Christian summer camp and learn more about nature, as well as the provider of nature. Remember, Southern Christian Children’s Home relies on donations only, as we accept no governmental funds.

For memorials and honorariums, please use the Greater Giving button. Greater Giving provides a space for you to give us all the information we need about who the memorial and honorarium is for, as well as who you may wish to acknowledge with your gift.

Your monetary support is always welcome. Thanks to you, the work of caring for God’s children continues. We need your prayer support too; please remember Southern Christian Children’s Home and the children and staff in your daily prayers.

Thank you for your continued support of Southern Christian Children's Home.


The children and staff of Southern Christian Children's Home

There are two different ways you can give online to Southern Christian Children's Home. We offer secure giving options through Greater Giving and PayPal.

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