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Who We Are


historySouthern Christian Home was founded in 1926 by Mrs. W.T. Bush. In that year, Mrs. Bush had contact with two homeless children and took them to James E. Laird, minister for the Church of Christ in Fort Smith, Arkansas. By his advice, they were placed with Mrs. Bush in a private home. This effort eventually became Arkansas Christian Home. The name was later changed to Arkansas-Oklahoma Christian Home. The children's home moved to its present location in Morrilton, the former Harding College campus, in 1936. At that time, the name was changed to Southern Christian Home to reflect a broader base of referral.

Our founders wanted Southern Christian Home to care for, keep, train, and educate orphan children. One of their goals was to act on the behalf of orphaned, neglected, and dependent children. Southern Christian Home continues to pursue this purpose. Southern Christian Home is licensed by the State of Arkansas as a Residential Childcare Facility. Southern Christian Home intends to serve families by providing a safe place for neglected, abused, and dependent children when they need to be placed out of the parent(s)’ home.

Southern Christian Home is committed to the belief that children should not be placed unnecessarily out of their home. There does come a point when children may need placement where they can feel safe and have their needs met. These children may also need to learn to have healthy interpersonal relationships with their own families as well as substitute care givers. Southern Christian Home understands those needs may be met in the more structured environment of our residential facilities.


Executive Director Wayne Bartley
Assistant Director Kristin Bunch
Development Manager Zach Loudon
Financial Manager Alex Shelton
Caseworker Kitty Duke
Foster Care Caseworker Christina George
Foster Care Recruitment Marcus McCormick
Campus Support Kaitlin McCormick
Therapist Jessica Swartz, LPC
Horse/Child Specialist Larry French
Administrative Assistant Lani Wright
Food Coordinator Teresa Bartley
Truck Route Driver Harold Murphy
Development Assistant Charles Lovelace
Maintenance Paul Rentfro
Maintenance Danny Parrish
Houseparent-Light House East Doug & Susan Tibbits
Houseparent-Light House West Ben & Rebekah Liddle
Houseparent-Light House (Relief) Future Relief Couple
Houseparent-Cowboy Cottage Future HP Couple
Houseparent-Gibson Cottage Future Relief Couple
Houseparent-McKnight Cottage (Relief) Future HP Couple
Independent Living HP-Randolph Cottage Joe & Katrina McKinney
Houseparent-Bush East Cottage Future HP Couple


Board of Directors

Mr. Bob Beeler (Chairman)
Mr. Wallace Alexander
Mr. Steve Burton
Mr. Stanley Gordon
Dr. Howard Norton
Dr. Sid Womack
Mrs. Stephanie Howell
Dr. Carter Lambert
Mr. Shannon Walters


Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."
In Matthew 19:13-14, we read of the little children being brought to Jesus. The disciples wanted to send the children away but Christ replied, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these." Jesus did not seem to care about the child's past, only the moment at hand. He did not compare them against each other or choose the cleanest, happiest, brightest, or most charming. He took the children as they were. He accepted them all. He does the same for all of us.

What is Southern Christian Children's Home?

As a mission work of the churches of Christ, Southern Christian Children's Home has been in existence since 1926. We originated in Fort Smith, Arkansas and later moved to Morrilton, Arkansas in 1936. Southern Christian Children's Home cares for school-age children through high school. Children are taken into our program to provide them the spiritual nurture they deserve. As they receive this care, they are provided their needs and given a safe and loving environment. Dedicated houseparents are the main reason we are so successful in serving all the children's needs effectively.

What is our Mission?

The Mission of Southern Christian Children's Home is to glorify God by providing an environment where residents are given training and instruction in Christ-centered values, by helping to strengthen families, and by being faithful stewards of the human and material resources provided by Him. To best serve our residents and their families, we must base all that we do on Biblical truths and principles. Through the services we provide, we attempt to meet the children's needs in the areas of physical, moral, mental, social, and spiritual growth.